August 31, 2013

Donate Funds

There are several ways you can donate funds:

You can donate money.  Any amount, large or small, is always welcome.  To write a check, please make it payable to Family Resource Agency/FVP and mail it to:

Family Resource Agency, Inc.
3680 Michigan Ave NE
Cleveland, TN  37323

We also accept monetary donations to sponsor items.  Here are some donations you can make to sponsor specific items:

  • $10 – personal hygiene bag for lady entering shelter
  • $25 – birthday cake and present for child in shelter
  • $30 – one week’s worth of cleaning supplies
  • $100 – one week’s worth of groceries for shelter residents

Gift cards are another way you can help our program.  Some useful gift cards for the program include:

  • Wal-mart (or any grocery or department store)
  • Gas cards (we often transport clients)
  • Lowes or Home Depot (for upkeep on the Harbor House)

Family Resource Agency/Family Violence Program is a registered 501c(3) organization.  Your charitable donations are tax deductible.